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Little Strawberry Bunny

The Little Strawberry Bunny crochet pattern is now available on Ravelry!
This pattern will be 20% off until June 24th at midnight pacific time.

How I embroider animal noses and mouths

I will be using my Little Lady Bug Lover as my example, but I make all my animal's noses and mouths in the same way. Maybe some a little bigger then others depending on the type of animal and the size of it.

First make an upside down triangle shape, always with the point starting at Rnd 1 of my heads (this may be different if you are using someone else's pattern).

Then fill in the triangle space.

Then cross over the top to flatten the edge and make a little slit down.

Lastly make 2 little marks for his mouth.

Here is The Little Ladybug Lover completed.

July Pattern Giveaway

I'm new to all this blogging stuff so I don't really know exactly where to begin! So how about opening with the July Pattern Giveaway, visit my Ravelry group to enter!

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