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Zombie Bear MCAL

Once there was a bear, he was a very cute and cuddly bear. He went to the Halloween shop to find the perfect costume. He decided he really wanted to be a zombie this year. At the Halloween shop, there was an old lady bear, she brought him to the back of the shop to try on his costume. When the old lady bear closed the door, she began chanting words that he didn’t understand. He saw a blinding white light, then she was gone. When he looked in the mirror he screamed, this was not just a Halloween costume, the old lady bear turned him into a ZOMBIE!
The finished size of your Zombie Bear will be about 11 inches. Your size will vary depending on the yarn you choose, the crochet hook you choose, and your tension while crocheting. I used worsted weight yarn and a size D hook to get my Zombie Bear to 11 inches.
I will post clues on Ravelry in pdf form, in my Ravelry Group, on my blog, and on my Facebook page in the notes.
Clues for this mystery will be given every other day as listed below…