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Eli the Tiny Elephant - Picture tutorial - Sewing the pieces together.

Meet Eli the Tiny Elephant, you can find the free crochet pattern on Ravelry.
This is a picture tutorial of how I sewed the pieces together, this is the same method I use for all my amigurumis.
First you will need a yarn needle.
Weave in the end on the back of the head. Using the tail of the body line up the head and the body together and start sewing together.

Continue sewing the body to the head, trying to keep them centered together.

When you are finished sewing the head and body together weave in the tail and cut off the rest.
Next you will sew the arms to the very top of the body, right under the head.

Continue going back and forth to sew on the whole top of the arm.

Continue the same steps for the next arm.

Now you will sew the legs on in the same way. I sew my legs in a V shape to get the look I like.

This is what your elephant should look like so far.

Next you will weave in the beginning tail of both ears.

Then taki…