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How to Crochet Fingers and Hands

Some of my recent patterns are now including fingers and hands and I would like to show you how I do this with a photo tutorial.

These patterns include Wally Trollman, Ogre Doug, Bob Goblin, Bing Bong, and Baymax (his hands are slightly different but use the same technique). 

For this example I am using a seperate color for the fingers and hand. Most of my patterns you will continue using the same color for both.
I am using size 5mm crochet hook in this photo tutorial to make it easier to see. If you have trouble using your usual amigurumi crochet hook you can also go up a size or two crochet hook to make it easier for you. My usual amigurumi crochet hook is 3.25mm.

Fingers and hands are recommended to be sewn “inside out” or the “wrong way” of usual amigurumi.

Starting with the fingers, make 4 for each hand
Rnd 1 ~ Using a magic ring, place 3 sc into the magic ring Rnd 2 ~ sc around (3 sc) Rnd 3 ~ dec, sc (2 sc) Fasten off, leaving a tail for weaving in later.

You will now join all the finger…