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Lambie from Doc McStuffins Crochet Pattern

Lambie from Doc McStuffins crochet pattern is now available on all your favorite pattern websites...
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If you don't crochet you can also order a custom Lambie on  Etsy -

Sewing Paw Patrol Puppies Together

All Paw Patrol patterns can be purchased on..
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and Etsy -

This is a photo tutorial of how I sew Paw Patrol puppies together. The model is Marshall, but the same steps are taken for every Paw Patrol puppy.
First you will need to start crocheting all the pieces, you can choose to sew each piece after you crochet it, or you can crochet all the pieces and save all the sewing until the end.
Make sure all your pieces are properly stuffed and of course you will need a yarn needle and scissors. First you will want to sew the hole closed on the head.

Sew the back of the body closed.

Next you will want to sew the body to the head, using the beginning tail yarn of the body.