Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween MCAL 2015

Halloween MCAL 2015
Mystery by Melissa’s Crochet Pattern
Halloween is getting closer! What is Halloween without some fun? Some crochet fun of course!

This mystery crochet along will be a new amigurumi crochet pattern.
The finished size is a little over 10 inches long.

Clues for this mystery for will given every other day as listed below…

Clue #1 - Monday, October 12, 2015

Clue #2 - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clue #3 - Friday, October 16, 2015

Clue #4 - Sunday, October 18, 2015

Clues will be given by Ravelry updates, updates will be sent to your Ravelry messages, email address linked to Ravelry, and on the pattern page you can directly download them as they become available.

There are some helpful tutorials on my blog to help you better understand this pattern.

Photo Tutorial of Sewing the Pieces Together

Crocheting through both sides of an arm/leg/ear/tail together

You will need…
  • Yarn Color A - about 100 yards - your favorite DARK Halloween color (black, dark brown, dark grey, etc.)
  • Yarn Color B - about 25 yards - your favorite AUTUMN color (orange, red, green, etc.)
  • Yarn Color C - about 2 yards - nose color for your creature
  • 12mm-15mm safety eyes, or desired
  • 3.25mm crochet hook (Size D), or desired crochet hook
  • Fiberfill Stuffing
  • Yarn Needle
  • Sewing Pins to hold pieces in place before sewing (optional)
  • Stitch Markers

Stitches and Abbreviations used…
  • Ch - chain
  • Sl - slip stitch
  • Sc - single crochet
  • Hdc - half double crochet
  • Dc - double crochet
  • Trb - treble crochet
  • St - stitch
  • Sts - stitches
  • Rpt - repeat
  • Inc - increase, 2 sc in the same space
  • Dec - decrease or sc2tog (single crochet 2 together)

Different threads will be opened to go along with the mystery in my Ravelry group - a spoilers thread to share pictures, a question thread for anyone with questions, and a regular thread to talk with others about the mystery.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Crochet for Kids

I recently started a new page on Facebook - Crochet for Kids.

I post easy patterns with little or no color changes, small patterns that can be finished quickly, and all are free crochet patterns found on Ravelry.

The first pattern I have created for kids is Simple Yellow Kitty, a free crochet pattern on Ravelry.

This pattern has no abbreviations to make it more easy to understand for kids who don't know what these abbreviations stand for. The head and body is also made in one piece.

Here are also the recent patterns I have shared on my Facebook page, that should be great for kids and beginners to crochet...

Pearl the Baby Panda by Melissa's Crochet Patterns

Chapstick/ Lip Balm Holder by Kristy Ashmore's Designs

Beginner's Washcloth by Katie Cooks and Crafts

Cool Customizable Cuff by Brynn Nichole

Easy Crocheted Dishcloth by Cheri's Crochet

Monster High Pillow and Blanket by Melissa's Crochet Patterns

Creeper Scarf by April Garcia

Baby Owl Ornaments by Josephine Wu

Pudgy Pencil by Josephine Wu

Minion Luggage or Backpack Tag by Melissa's Crochet Patterns  

For more crochet patterns for kids follow my page on 

Facebook - Crochet for Kids

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to Crochet Fingers and Hands

Some of my recent patterns are now including fingers and hands and I would like to show you how I do this with a photo tutorial.

These patterns include Wally Trollman, Ogre Doug, Bob Goblin, Bing Bong, and Baymax (his hands are slightly different but use the same technique). 

For this example I am using a seperate color for the fingers and hand. Most of my patterns you will continue using the same color for both.

I am using size 5mm crochet hook in this photo tutorial to make it easier to see. If you have trouble using your usual amigurumi crochet hook you can also go up a size or two crochet hook to make it easier for you. My usual amigurumi crochet hook is 3.25mm.

Fingers and hands are recommended to be sewn “inside out” or the “wrong way” of usual amigurumi.

Starting with the fingers, make 4 for each hand

Rnd 1 ~ Using a magic ring, place 3 sc into the magic ring
Rnd 2 ~ sc around (3 sc)
Rnd 3 ~ dec, sc (2 sc)
  • Fasten off, leaving a tail for weaving in later.

You will now join all the fingers by crocheting them together.

Rnd 1 ~ Joining with a sc in the first finger 
and working through both stitches of the last round of each finger, inc in the first finger,

inc in the second finger,

inc in the third finger (6 sc)

Rnd 2 ~ The pictures below show you how to crochet the second round. 

Now you will work in a spiral, ch 1, turn , first crochet in the back loops of the 6 sc, then around to the front loops of the sc. (12 sc)

The loops on the top will be your first 6 sc.

Turn the hand and continue by crocheting on the bottom loops.

You will now have 12 sc total.

Rnd 3 ~ Now you will join the last finger (his thumb) by joining with a sc, 

sc around the the rest of the hand (13 sc)

Follow the rest of the crochet pattern, depending on the character you are making the last few rounds will be different.

Now you will need to weave in the ends of each finger.

Use each tail to secure the finger in place as well.

Your hand is now complete! Repeat these steps to create a second hand. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Seven Little Duckies from California to Florida

I went on vacation to Disney World in Florida recently, and wanted to leave a trail of duckies for The Little Yellow Duck Project.

What is the Little Yellow Duck Project?
The Little Yellow Duck Project involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are left in public places for others to find. A special tag on each one invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit this website to register where they found their gift. We hope that the stories and information found here will encourage them to pledge their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, and organs tissues.

I made 7 little duckies the week before I left.

I painted all their eyes with Tulip Slick Fabric Paint to make sure they were safe for 
anyone who would find them.

The first ducky was named Teddy, after the UK's youngest organ donor. 
I gave him to my Sister in Law when she picked us up, to take us to the airport.

The second ducky, named Russell after my late Grandfather,
was left at the San Jose International Airport. 

The third ducky, also named Russell after my Grandpa, was left in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.
He has already been put on the map!

The fourth ducky, also named Russell, was left in the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. 
He has already made it to the map as well!

The fifth ducky, named Shannon after my sister who passed away before I was born. 
She was left in Epcot in Paris. She has already been put on the map!

5 duckies had found their homes and 2 still waited in the hotel for their forever homes.

The sixth ducky, named Russell, was left in Downtown Disney, right outside of the Disney Store.

The seventh and last ducky, named Russell, was left in Hollywood Studios right before we left the park.

So far 3/7 ducks have made it to The Little Yellow Duck Project's map
and I hope more will be placed on the map. 

If you would like to make a duck for The Little Yellow Duck Project, or just for fun you can find my free crochet pattern to Puddles the Tiny Duck HERE.

There are also many other crochet patterns for The Little Duck Project that you can find HERE.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Melissa's Crochet Patterns - List of Free Crochet Patterns

Here is a list of all my free crochet patterns, I do have many more patterns so be sure to check them out.

Pooh Bear

Tiny Animals Collection

Hammy the Tiny Pig

Berry the Tiny Bear

Eli the Tiny Elephant

Lizzy the Tiny Cat

Lola the Tiny Bunny

Prince the Tiny Puppy

Puddles the Tiny Duck

Timmy the Tiny Lion


Precious the Purple Panda

Precious Pandas Dress

Halloween Pumpkin Bears

Hooty the Baby Owl

Littlest Pet Shop Bed

Littlest Pet Shop Hard / Construction Hats

Minion and Evil Minion

Teeny Tiny Helicopter


Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol - Pup Pup Boogie Playmat

Pocket Puppy Rocky from Paw Patrol

Pocket Puppy Marshall from Paw Patrol

Pocket Puppy Zuma from Paw Patrol

Chickaletta (Chicken) from Paw Patrol


Simple and Pretty Flower Bracelet


Cat Toys

Big Ball Cat Toy

Mini Pumpkin Pie Cat Toy

Mini Tire Cat Toy

Mini Pumpkins Cat Toy

Mini Donuts Cat Toy

Mini Hot Dog Cat Toy

Mini Cheeseburger Cat Toy


Little Apple Juice Box



Orchard Mist Purse

Purple Passion Purse

My Girl's Pretty Purse


Club Penguin Tank Top and Shirt

Little Lion Baker

Mini Valentine's Day Puppy


Monster High

A Doll's Christmas Tree

Monster High Create a Monster Quick Wig

Monster High Red Riding Hood

Monster High Pillow and Blanket


Cat Christmas Ornament

Lion Christmas Ornament

Stretch from Handy Manny

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Itty Bitty Kitty

Mickey Mouse Square

Midnight the Halloween Cat

My Little Pony

Apple the Elephant

Easter Surprise Bunny and Cupcake

A Little Owl

Simple Star

You can find more of my patterns in my Ravelry Store and my Etsy Shop.