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Yellow Duck Day 2016

Many of you may already know about The Little Yellow Duck Project, but if you haven't heard of it please check out their website HERE or my other blog posts. :)

April 15 is Yellow Duck Day. Many people around the world left ducks to spread the word about The Little Yellow Duck Project.

I left 6 duckies at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA. Some of these duckies were being a bit naughty and didn't pose right for the camera. 5 were named Russell after my Grandpa and 1 was named Shannon after my sister.

The first ducky was left in a fire truck shopping cart.

The second ducky was left by a claw machine.

The third ducky was left by a gumball machine. 

The fourth ducky was left inside of a Coke machine.

The fifth ducky was left by a candy machine.

The sixth ducky was left by a water fountain.

Crossing my fingers some duckies made someone happy on Yellow Duck Day, that they  checked out the website, and put the duckies on the map.