Sewing Paw Patrol Puppies Together

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This is a photo tutorial of how I sew Paw Patrol puppies together. The model is Marshall, but the same steps are taken for every Paw Patrol puppy.

First you will need to start crocheting all the pieces, you can choose to sew each piece after you crochet it, or you can crochet all the pieces and save all the sewing until the end.

Make sure all your pieces are properly stuffed and of course you will need a yarn needle and scissors.
First you will want to sew the hole closed on the head.

Sew the back of the body closed.

Next you will want to sew the body to the head, using the beginning tail yarn of the body.

Make sure you have your head and body in the right positions before sewing, you want to use pins to help.

I loosely attach the head just to get the right position, then I go back and get all the spaces I left behind the first time.

This is how your head and body should look.

You will then sew the collar around his neck.

I like to start by attaching to the center of his chest.

Then I pull the other side of the collar joining them, so when I sew the collar around it will be evenly distributed.

I sew the collar around loosely then go back getting all the spots I missed.

Now you will start sewing the legs on, be careful to put them in the right positions so he can stand right. I highly recommend using pins for the legs especially.

Again I loosely attach the leg, then go back getting all the spots I missed.

Repeat the steps for the other front leg.

Exit out somewhere not obvious

Next you will sew on the back legs.

Again, make sure you are getting the right position for your legs or your pup won’t be able to stand.

Sew on the back legs the same way as the front legs, make sure to keep his white legs on the back white part of his body.

This is how your pup should look so far.

Now you sew his tail on.

Position is tail centered to the body. Again I loosely attach and go back getting all the missed spaces.

I wanted my pup’s tail down, so I pulled my yarn needle through the bottom of his tail and his bottom.

If you notice your pup’s head is too down, you can use some white yarn and your yarn needle to slightly pull it up.

Grabbing a little bit of the head and the body and pulling them together.

Next you will give your puppy some ears. First weave in the ends of the last row of the ears.

Sew onto the side of the head, loosely attaching then going back to get all the stitches.

Repeat the same steps for the other ear.

Next you will need to give your puppy a nose.

Sew nose onto the top front of the snout.

Sew the tongue onto the mouth piece.

Sew the mouth under his snout. Be sure to line it up right so he doesn’t have an under bite or over bite.

Lastly you will give your pup a tag.

Your PAW Patrol pup is now completed!

If you have any questions about this pattern or any of my other patterns feel free to contact me at anytime.



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