Happy Save the Elephant Day - 20 Free Elephant Crochet Patterns

April 16th is Save the Elephant Day!

Let's celebrate with 20 free elephant crochet patterns.

Read more about Save the Elephant Day HERE.

1. Apple the Elephant by Melissa's Crochet Patterns

2. Eli the Tiny Elephant by Melissa's Crochet Patterns

3. Buster the Baseball Elephant by Melissa's Crochet Patterns
free until (ends 4/30 at midnight pacific time)
enter the coupon code SAVEELEPHANTS at checkout on Ravelry

4. Crochet Elephant Free Pattern by Sharon Ojala

5. Little Bigfoot Elephant 2014 by Sharon Ojala

6. Aidan's Elephant by Cute and Kaboodle

8. Ella the elephant and her boyfriend by Vanja Grundmann

9. Percy the Elephant Amigurumi Pattern by Irene Strange

10. Colorful Elephant by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein

11. Little Elephant Crochet Pattern by Teri Crews

 12. Elenora Elephant Ornament by Nancy Anderson

13. Floppy Elephant by Sarah Beckman

14. 3 Versions of Elephant by Jen Maude

15. Rainbow Elephant by Bethany Scofield

16. Padma by Dawn Toussaint

17. Elephant Amigurumi by Louanne Greer

18. Peeko the Elephant by Hooked on Fauna

19. Cheers the Happy Elephant by Lonemer Creations

20. Meimei Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern by Dedri Uys


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